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COVID-19 | Great Things Rise From Brokeness

March 18, 2020

Filed in: faith, soul, wellness


The main topic on the internet and the word falling from lips around the world is Coronavirus.  It seemed to come from nowhere and grow with an inner rage that appears unstoppable.  It brings sickness, fear, sadness, and loss of hope.  It’s a part of our present that will most surely ring throughout our future history textbooks.  It was unexpected.  It is unwelcome. And still undefined.

My heart breaks for all those who have been and will be affected by this sudden uprising of sickness.  Words can never do justice during a time like this.  I believe, however, as this virus spreads so will hope & faith & joy.

It is only when we fight with opposing forces, that we can counteract.

As the virus rises and fear parallels, we see the world spreading hope through thoughtful (socially distanced) communication and acts of kindness.

We see faith growing as many lift there eyes from their screens to realize there is something bigger, just beyond.

We see joy rising above fear, as we find gratitude in small things and communities banding together to share & serve.

I hope we all find hidden gifts in this time of suffering and change.  I hope from the brokenness, we all grow stronger and great things rise from this “isolated” time.

The world is quickly changing and we didn’t expect 2020 to be ushered in like so, but it has.  And maybe amidst this challenging time, we can also find newness breaking through old soil.  We can expect brighter things ahead because His promises are true and He is faithful.




Tags: wellness, faith, hope, joy, soul

Images by: @jblesly

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