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Day 16 of Covid-19 Quarantine | It’s In The Waiting

March 31, 2020


Today was the first day I had a face-to-face conversation with a friend, albeit from different sides of the street.  I consider myself an extroverted introvert, but not seeing friends in-person for over two weeks pushed new limits.  I know my period of Covid-19 isolation looks very different than those with families, those who are losing jobs, closing businesses, expecting babies, canceling weddings, dealing with sickness, struggling with bills, food and so much more.

We all have such different stories unfolding right now, but we all crave and want the same things. In times of hardship, it becomes crystal clear that life is meant to be lived in communion and connection with others.  And we begin to realize what really is important to us…and what is not. We are seeing an overly connected world, become physically disconnected only to learn what true connection means…  

Yesterday while I was making lunch, Bethel Music’s song, Take Courage, played quietly in the background. I paused when I heard these lyrics…

“Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul

He’s in the waiting, He is in the waiting   

Hold on to your hope as triumph unfolds

He is never failing….” 

I thought this song was a beautiful reminder that we can always find beauty & hope in the waiting….  We joke about how long this quarantine will last, but inside we all wonder & maybe worry.  As the answer is not truly known.  We all are waiting together.

As the globe quarantines and fear grows, take courage and find Him in the waiting.  The whole world is in a period of pause – waiting on answers, test results, healing, job updates, connection, normalcy, food deliveries, and those amazon packages.

Let’s virtually encourage each other not to make this time of waiting one of worry.  Let’s (re)find His & our strength in the waiting.  And when life returns to normal and this has passed — I believe the whole world is going to step out differently.  I think we will be connected in a more authentic way.  We will have learned to find gratitude in small things and joy in all things. We might be breaking now, but we are growing stronger in the waiting….together.




Photo 1: N Kachanovsky

Photo 3: Priscilla Du Preez 

Tags: wellness, hope, faith, community, mind, soul, coronavirus, Covid-19

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