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So we all know this quarantine time is a little interesting, to say the least.  It’s like Groundhog’s Day, but with a lot more worry & and a little less to do.  As each day of quarantine rolls on, I am learning it’s important to focus on what I can control such as my fitness […]

At the request of my amazing virtual book club (aka my close friends), I have finally outlined my current skincare routine. And as they all know, I am and always have been obsessed with taking care of my skin. Most of my products hail from France, which is simply happenstance and potentially because I am […]

  Today was the first day I had a face-to-face conversation with a friend, albeit from different sides of the street.  I consider myself an extroverted introvert, but not seeing friends in-person for over two weeks pushed new limits.  I know my period of Covid-19 isolation looks very different than those with families, those who […]

  The main topic on the internet and the word falling from lips around the world is Coronavirus.  It seemed to come from nowhere and grow with an inner rage that appears unstoppable.  It brings sickness, fear, sadness, and loss of hope.  It’s a part of our present that will most surely ring throughout our […]

Dear Sweet Perfectionist, I see you. I see the worry and strain behind your eyes, as you glue that beautiful smile to your face.  I see how your arms reach out to serve, hold, hug, help, and care for others.  I see how your eyes reflect the beauty around you, but fail to see the […]

Life is an adventure, and like any great story, in order for it to make sense, it must be broken up into chapters.  Chapters which work together to build the plot and flush out the characters, while carrying them through adversity, revealing their dreams and desires, and propelling them forward from one adventure to the […]

We are taught and told that our twenties are a time in our life where all the puzzle pieces should fit into place.  We go to college, we graduate college, we get that amazing first-time job, meet and marry Mr./Mrs. right, and then have just about 2.5 kids and a house before the big 3-0 […]

I wanted to share an easy recipe that I have passed along to my friends.  You see, I am definitely not a cook – ask anyone that has stepped into my kitchen!  Oh, I could tell you some pretty funny cooking stories, but we will skip those for today.  Instead, I wanted to share a […]

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