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Who is grace?

I like to think of S&G as a virtual coffee shop where women stop by to feel a sense of belonging and part of a community. A place where we sip coffee over conversations about our personal journey's with wellness, community, conscious living, best business practices, and more. A place women leave feeling informed, fueled, filled and (re)connected. And most importantly, a place where we encourage each other to rise (personally & professionally) to become women rooted in whole-istic balance & grace.


whole-body living:
A resource & Community for Business women moving towards a life rooted in balance & grace 

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Friendship & Community | Châteauneuf-du-Pape With Ice | My Big Irish Family | Super Gran | Blueprints & Templates | Interiors | Yoga | French Fries | Other French Things | Visiting Coffee Shops Around The Globe | Fresh Saturday Flowers ... in no particular order.

things i love: 

However, after learning my stressful lifestyle was deteriorating my health, I knew I needed to make a change and that change was not easy for a perfectionistic people pleaser. Eventually I learned to slow down, physically and mentally. I like to say I voluntarily dropped out of the so-called American Dream Race, which I personally entered and trained for most of my life. Instead I learned to breath deep, cook food to nourish my body, live more intentionally, bet on myself, find my own health routine and grasp the importance of living a life rooted in balance & grace - in mind, body, soul and home.

DON'T get me wrong, I forget everything I learned somedays. I eat plates of fries instead of veggies, I forget to slow down and I let worry take over. But part of learning how to live a balanced life is just learning how to rebalance and giving yourself continual grace to restart and keep growing. That's it!

I hope this blog serves as a place for you to grow in your knowledge of all things wellness, business and balance.  Not work-life balance, but real whole-body living holistic balance.  I am so glad you are here and truly can't wait to keep growing together. Send me a DM to say hello and head on over to the blog for more inspiration!  

I'm a newly transplanted Raleigh girl who has called the ocean her home for the past 4 years. Before sailing the high seas, I did the typical 24/7 168 hour work week in a high stress job working with influential business leaders & celebrities. My life was my work and personal boundaries and balance didn't exist. 


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