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A Letter To The Perfectionist || Let’s Be Wildly Imperfect

March 7, 2020

Filed in: community, mind, wellness

Dear Sweet Perfectionist,

I see you. I see the worry and strain behind your eyes, as you glue that beautiful smile to your face.  I see how your arms reach out to serve, hold, hug, help, and care for others.  I see how your eyes reflect the beauty around you, but fail to see the beauty in yourself.  You keep striving, giving, serving, and trying to reach that impossible expectation of perfection…..and believe that once reached you will finally be able to exhale.  You will finally be enough.

I have learned the hard way, striving for perfection in all things leaves us exhausted.  We will never feel enough until we believe we are enough.  It is not our responsibility to please the masses and meet unrealistic expectations set by ourselves or others.  And most importantly, it’s okay not to be perfect or have it all together.

Wildly imperfect is the new perfect.  Where we see each other’s differences or self-proclaimed “flaws” and celebrate them. Help each other up and straighten each other’s crowns.  Allow “done” to be enough, set healthy boundaries and make room for grace.  In a world that seems to be shouting at us to be so-called perfect, let us remember whose standard of “perfection” we should truly be living up to – His. And He loves our perfectly imperfect selves just the way we are.  So Sweet Perfectionist, let’s strive together toward a wildly imperfect grace-filled life!  #internationalwomensday

Signed with love,



Image by: Jen Suarez

Tags: wellness, business, mind, perfection, grace

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